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please respect my opinion on these ships, do not start an argument

thank you

Mlp Heads belong to Saphi-Boo
safe1573409 artist:xxwerecatdipperxx29 apple bloom46500 applejack158655 big macintosh26841 braeburn6109 caramel2354 comet tail828 derpy hooves48215 dumbbell605 flash magnus708 flash sentry12086 fluttershy197527 gabby2153 gilda9099 lightning dust4200 limestone pie4705 night glider1254 pinkie pie203006 pound cake2373 quibble pants1434 rainbow dash219143 rarity169510 scootaloo49138 shining armor21737 snails5140 snips3997 starlight glimmer43783 stygian688 sunset shimmer57476 sweetie belle46605 thorax3981 thunderlane3817 twilight sparkle282382 alicorn194863 changedling7248 changeling40005 earth pony198273 griffon24842 pegasus238996 pony844211 unicorn265436 carajack385 cometlime1 crack shipping3492 derpgian1 female897483 flashglider1 flashimmer1831 gilbby12 glimax24 infidelity5323 king thorax2597 lesbian92120 lightningbell27 male304894 mare414673 moontracker6 quibbledash276 rarimac427 scootapound7 shiningpie37 shipping183732 snailbloom33 stallion92468 straight121515 sweetiesnips16 thundershy71 twiburn40 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115033


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Background Pony #47B5
Okay, you didn’t ask my friend’s permission to upload her work. Please take it down.
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