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All characters season 8, include new creatures and new characters of Equestria Girls
safe1615082 edit123019 edited screencap59210 screencap210714 alice the reindeer135 appointed rounds57 aurora the reindeer91 autumn blaze3510 big bucks45 bori the reindeer119 bracer britches18 carbon fizz16 chancellor neighsay604 cinder glow692 cozy glow6708 cracked wheat21 ever essence50 firelight386 gallus6175 ginger beard10 hoo'far478 hush slush9 jack pot265 loose tracks51 mean applejack254 mean fluttershy220 mean pinkie pie193 mean rainbow dash180 mean rarity249 mean twilight sparkle709 minty mocha56 mudbriar758 ocean flow109 ocellus4854 pistachio155 rain shine399 rainy day60 raspberry latte43 rolling thunder216 sandbar5036 scales (character)93 seaspray158 short fuse138 silverstream5644 skellinore168 sky beak132 sludge (dragon)332 smolder7178 snow hope45 stellar flare1094 stepford ponies53 summer flare692 sunny delivery24 terramar698 tree of harmony652 valley glamour75 vignette valencia662 wallflower blush1850 yona4722 bird7370 biteacuda39 bufogren38 classical hippogriff4640 deer4834 dragon50893 earth pony215747 fish2253 hippogriff8786 kirin7426 pegasus257094 pony882786 pukwudgie64 reindeer1732 roc140 seapony (g4)3834 unicorn285002 winterchilla107 best gift ever2247 equestria girls187488 equestria girls series30213 fake it 'til you make it1023 father knows beast864 forgotten friendship4967 grannies gone wild783 marks for effort1080 molt down821 non-compete clause686 road to friendship1514 rollercoaster of friendship2279 school daze2644 sounds of silence3264 surf and/or turf692 the break up breakdown602 the end in friend669 the hearth's warming club844 the maud couple712 the mean 61608 the parent map1003 the washouts (episode)1073 what lies beneath1518 background kirin419 background pony9627 clone2206 collage1233 cropped46668 dragon lord86 female1285693 filly61577 foal15100 head tilt1007 male343628 mare439242 sandbar's family10 stallion97758 student six1499 teenager4434 treelight sparkle200 wall of tags2650 winterzilla73 wrong aspect ratio547 yona's family7


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I especially liked the Washouts, Autumn Blaze, Firelight and Stellar Flare.
And of course the Student 6.