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HONEYTECH cuddlebuddies: cuddlepets

HONEYTECH™ is proud to announce a new addition to the cuddlebuddies® line: the cuddlepets® series! This sub-range of our famous huggable, snuggable, lovable rubber companions channels the image of our favourite pets to enhance their appeal. cuddlepets® are available with both F-model and P-model features, and by default have some of the personality of the animal they resemble, which you can train them into or out of the same way you reward any other behaviour.

“Dashing” here is a P-model that bounces and hops and flops! She’s quite active (though cushioned enough that she’s not going to hurt herself), though with a bit of time and love, you can train her into a properly sedate cuddlebunny. “Snowy” on the other hand is a prowling, purring F-model, who’s all too happy to crawl into your lap and park her butt in your face. Just remember to let her come and go as she pleases.
suggestive129876 artist:krd350 rainbow dash221099 oc610180 oc:mew40 cat5525 pegasus247901 rabbit4551 unicorn274476 anthro234163 unguligrade anthro43005 bell3806 bondage30758 boots19310 breasts246135 clothes415383 collar29276 crotch bulge3936 cuddlebuddies4 duo50730 encasement1405 feline103 female1228401 futa41337 futa rainbow dash3370 honeytech5 horn47877 intersex39438 latex10383 rubber1424 rubber drone302 shoes31091 simple background349747 skinsuit220 stockings29006 thigh highs29153 tight clothing2193 white background87430 wings81745


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