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a phat moonbutt
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suggestive164942 artist:fetishsketches940 princess luna106446 anthro299611 plantigrade anthro40325 ass63069 bent over4621 both cutie marks12058 butt148768 clothes532766 ethereal mane10040 female1535211 high heels13641 horn104921 horn piercing208 large butt22631 leggings2513 monochrome159983 moon26591 moonbutt4032 night30788 nudity429424 piercing50263 praise the moon603 railing245 rear view16437 shoes46256 signature32572 sitting74188 sketch70228 solo1209580 solo female199267 stars18805 the ass was fat17239 thick5141 thunder thighs11125 wide hips22287


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Ha! I like to think that those extra splotches are cum as the unsuspecting princess didn’t realize a guard ejaculated on her booty.

In Treue fest
“Citizens of Equestria! Behold, the royal rear of the night princess! You may all give praise and bask in it’s glory!”