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i wonder how much brass got angry at these words from blackjack.
what would be the power level of this anger?

enough to fly with the anger power alone?

(replace word "pony" with "manticore")
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also, fuck you too BJ. I know of the Stable 99 reproductive policies. It’s not so much as I would agree to the instituted sex slavery as much as I would be pleased by being able to cuddle and enjoy the warmth of someone else.

Yes, I am that desperate and alone.
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Background Pony #7D4F
Oh I found someone from my own species to fuck. But she wanted kids, I didn’t, so that was the end of that.
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Background Pony #C4DB
@Background Pony #592A
Because it’s not? There are plenty of people who would fuck a cartoon horse if given the chance that HAVE had human relationships. Just because you want to fuck a pony doesn’t mean you are incapable or have never had a human relationship.
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3asdasfwqr2388b9a's avatar

(Previously known as Phisica)

Not really.

I just happen to find animated ponies to be more attractive.

I also find the human female genitalia fucking disgusting… which has put strain on past relationships.
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Background Pony #59B9
Sadly seems like a popular opinion. On the silver lining, they most likely will not contribute to the gene pool though.
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