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Description from the source:

*YEahhhh wellp i dunno.
This is an idea that i had while watching The chapter of mlp season 8 called ''Father Knows Beast'', wellp i loved this episode because of the ending :3 i can't give spoilers, soooo go watch the episode, and then tell me what u tought about it!*

This is kinda inspired by this episode, so i had an idea, so i guess this like ''my version'' of Spike's mother! and a Little bit of background history (also, i have Spike's father design too! :3)

*Some of the ideas that i had were:
(I wanted to make her design similar to Spike's one, just that with lighter colors)
Spike's mom was one of the smallest dragons in Dragon Lands! she was really different from all of the dragons, always trying to help and she wasn't scary at all.
She was banished from Dragon Lands, just because she was ''different'' she wasn't that 'scary' and ''strong'' enough, so she CAN'T be a dragon.*

*@(now with some ideas of Spike's father)
They met in one of the rituals that were done in order to become a servant or warrior of the dragon king, he was one of the best competitors, but decided to lose at the last minute. (a thing that i had in mind)
He's way bigger tan Spike's mother and normal dragons, but just a Little.
He has magic fire, just like Spike's, but with this fire he could teleport himself and other dragons, also he did use it for fighting.@*

He was a really scary dragon at the eye's of other dragons,but he wasn't that scary for spike's mother, for her, he was a big charming dragon with feelings.

He was kinda shy when he first met his future wife. (spike's mother)

just a few ideas that i had after that episode :3 i always wanted to make like a ''my version of a parent of one canon character, or something like that'' it is really fun to do, like, it makes u want to draw more and all!@*

Still, i don't have YET a name for these two, but i will think in something!

Hope u al liked it! because i did like drawing and writting this, even if it is just some mixed ideas xD.

This character belongs to me!

Spike, belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro!


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