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From artist's description:

"How do you dress for everyday life when you’re wearing a latex suit with a great big bulge full time? Well, there’s a couple of approaches. One is to take advantage of the fact that most people aren’t actually paying that much attention and mostly cover up. It’s a little bit warm with latex underneath, and fancy as these suits are, they need a little help with thermoregulation, so you need to keep something exposed.

The alternative is to dare people to say something."
suggestive129919 artist:krd350 dj pon-328117 rainbow dash221156 vinyl scratch28119 pegasus248093 unicorn274687 anthro234269 bedroom eyes53350 boots19316 breasts246257 clothes415562 converse5164 crotch bulge3935 ear piercing22335 futa41365 futa rainbow dash3375 futa vinyl scratch881 hoodie12467 intersex39465 jeans3526 latex10391 latex suit3023 pants12587 piercing35727 scarf21065 shoes31112 shorts12547 tanktop6937 tattoo4767


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