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Simply shaded commission. :) Characters are those of thewhitestponyyouknow and thegreyweatherponu.
safe1615191 artist:blitzpony9 oc626780 oc only418119 pegasus257140 pony882879 unicorn285064 boop6963 bowtie9192 chest fluff34314 clothes425791 commission58555 dress41119 ear fluff25310 eyes closed84057 female1285788 holding hooves1499 horn jewelry549 horn ring5168 jewelry55252 leg fluff2715 male343678 mare439303 nose wrinkle2875 noseboop2612 raised hoof40707 smiling224421 spread wings49636 stallion97770 suit5332 wedding dress1641 wing jewelry83 wing ring32 wings87619


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