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suggestive173195 artist:mauroz828 adagio dazzle14806 aria blaze11147 sonata dusk15149 sunset shimmer72703 human204045 equestria girls234110 absolute cleavage4730 breasts343776 busty sonata dusk2101 cameltoe10136 cleavage41035 clothes559983 dark skin7491 downblouse160 female1605076 gem8281 humanized110234 light1921 looking down11927 midriff21769 miniskirt5770 night32907 offscreen character44029 one eye closed39946 open mouth198182 panties57690 pants19026 pigtails5677 ponytail22686 pov17197 redraw2627 remake760 shorts17227 siren gem2312 skirt48072 socks81966 stars19936 the dazzlings5065 thigh highs48914 trio17714 trio female3799 twintails2007 underwear70930 upskirt6702 wink29658


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Background Pony #4CF8
Why does Sonata’s expression says “thanks for getting these back for us. NERD!”.
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Everything is Everything
Adagio: “Awwww, look. He’s begging for mercy. How cute.”  
Aria: (sighs) “Can’t we just get this over with? This guy’s pathetic.”  
Sonata: “Hi there! Don’t be scared. We’re gonna have sooo much fun!”
Background Pony #F709
Anon: Please don’t hurt me….  
Adagio : Hurt you, why oh why we want to hurt you, when you can have some fun we us.
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I like the differences in their expressions. Aria looks like she’s disgusted, Adagio wears a proud smirk of superiority, and Sonata is playfully cheerful.