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-Rarity: >>386944

-Elusive: >>6256
safe1577788 artist:psychoanalyticbrony16 artist:wicklesmack248 edit117896 editor:slayerbvc1658 vector edit2283 rarity169909 pony847551 unicorn267111 away from viewer53 bedroom eyes51632 elusive1156 female901175 flirting1320 flower22185 looking forward192 male306203 mare416539 mouth hold15506 on table212 plot71282 rararararara9 rarilusive54 rose3487 rule 6325253 self ponidox7212 selfcest2583 shipping184259 stallion92989 straight121877 table8211 vector71306


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Background Pony #1265
You know, all joking and such aside, I do genuinely believe that Rarity would, at the very least, be highly intrigued by Elusive. I could see her going for him for a while.

And then eventually regretting it because all it does is compound their respective failings, potentially leaving them both very upset at each other for long stretches. I don't think their relationship would be all that sustainable in the long term.