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Uploaded by Background Pony #D621
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safe (1413510)artist:0r0ch1 (455)fluttershy (182290)oc (518008)oc:0r0ch1 (162)anthro (197981)anthro with ponies (1727)blushing (151751)cheerleader (2133)clothes (350647)crossdressing (7421)cute (145458)furry (3521)hyena (71)missing shoes (462)non-mlp oc (2407)paws (3475)pom pom (937)pony (678061)rabbit (3420)shyabetes (9196)skirt (31145)socks (48448)


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Background Pony #D621

I thought this was new because it didn’t show up when searching, but this is not new art, it’s 5 years old apparently, which I learned when it got recognized as a duplicate. 0r0ch posts a lot of old art on his twitter.
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