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suggestive170109 artist:kasaler123 princess celestia104131 anthro309786 unguligrade anthro57310 absolute cleavage4583 anklet1259 armpits44993 belly button94015 bracelet12468 braless1332 breast curtains140 breasts335845 cleavage40270 clothes549382 crown24148 dress52839 ear piercing34746 earring26666 erect nipples14119 female1578773 hair over one eye10978 high heels14160 jewelry88486 large wings2004 lidded eyes38087 long hair5539 looking at you212212 majestic769 messy mane9011 midriff21382 necklace25239 nipple outline9457 peytral4806 piercing52285 praise the sun2238 regalia28795 shoes48223 side slit1643 signature34174 sky18671 smiling323367 smirk15522 socks80131 solo1245553 solo female204284 spread wings73136 stockings41115 stupid sexy celestia1859 sun7992 thigh highs47478 total sideslit286 wing fluff1917 wings168953


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Majestic as fuck is an ironic tag for images that are the opposite of majestic. This image is simply majestic ^^