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Tumblr Evacuation Manifest — Need Help Gathering Artist Galleries

"With the change in Tumblr policy that is affecting not only NSFW creators but SFW creators due to Tumblr's horribly buggy flagging system many creators are leaving the site and are setting up shop elsewhere. Whether that be deviantart, Twitter, Furaffinity, or wherever the exodus has already begun.

"The problem is it can be hard to locate where your favorite artists may have relocated to. This puts artists in a precarious situation as a lot of them used Tumblr as their homebase where they have the greatest number of their fans.

"To hopefully make the evacuation in the coming days a bit easier I have started a prototype Google Sheet that will contain information on where you can find artist's galleries now that they have fled tumblr.

"We can't do this without the help of artists out there as well as their fans as Seth and myself can't find every single artist that has moved to another web platform."

More details at the source on Equestria Daily
safe1575728 artist:jdan-s245 daisy2217 flower wishes2083 lily1780 lily valley1780 roseluck4661 earth pony199077 pony845875 equestria daily1197 adorarose13 animated at source557 calpain78 cute177411 flower trio520 help wanted22 lilybetes44 meta16043 panic832 reaching out194 signal boost3 text51100 the horror224 tumblr35525 tumblr 2018 nsfw purge202 tumblr drama74 white eyes377


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