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safe1971341 artist:yakovlev-vad572 fluttershy238144 butterfly8437 pegasus406459 pony1323020 :t4211 behaving like a cat2643 cheek fluff7859 chest fluff53299 cute236146 daaaaaaaaaaaw5787 eyes closed120674 female1602978 floating heart4717 fluffy16892 gray background10686 grooming862 happy38359 heart61128 high res86679 hnnng2626 leg fluff3916 licking24372 mare618155 messy mane9162 mlem1039 onomatopoeia6453 precious112 profile7206 raised hoof59826 rubbing1339 shoulder fluff2522 shyabetes16971 side view2669 silly8238 simple background501184 sitting78594 slim2239 smiling331122 solo1268237 sparkles6506 spread wings75390 squee2061 sweet dreams fuel1885 tongue out128542 weapons-grade cute4296 wing fluff1956 wings174968 yakovlev-vad is trying to murder us13


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