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safe1639889 artist:littlebizzle3 artist:selenaede1614 apple bloom48017 applejack164595 babs seed5667 barley grind5 big macintosh27426 bon bon15903 button mash3928 capper dapperpaws1501 chipcutter112 derpy hooves49078 diamond tiara9966 discord29749 dj pon-328672 doctor whooves10530 feather bangs537 flash magnus788 fluttershy205713 gallus6352 iron will1312 king sombra13279 limestone pie4807 lyra heartstrings28738 marble pie6276 maud pie12161 meadowbrook782 mistmane723 mudbriar777 ocellus4991 octavia melody23212 pharynx945 pinkie pie209987 pipsqueak2795 princess cadance31529 princess celestia92332 princess ember6129 princess luna96557 queen chrysalis33681 rainbow dash226639 rarity175972 rockhoof1086 sandbar5185 scootaloo50141 shining armor22367 silver spoon6348 silverstream5809 smolder7391 snails5212 snips4132 somnambula1814 spike76671 star swirl the bearded1950 starlight glimmer46560 sunburst6324 sunset shimmer60093 sweetie belle47791 sweetie drops15903 thorax4147 thunderlane3947 time turner10526 tree hugger2693 trixie65067 twilight sparkle291811 twist2822 vinyl scratch28672 yona4835 zecora9062 alicorn211184 changedling7846 changeling44154 classical hippogriff4706 dragon52217 griffon25602 hippogriff9019 minotaur988 pony905508 my little pony: the movie18481 applespike783 background pony9790 base used17640 bisexual5234 bow26562 celestibra351 changedling brothers252 chrysaluna101 crack shipping3535 cutie mark crusaders18580 diamondbloom220 doctorderpy1473 embrax187 female1305623 gallbar458 gallbarderllus1 gay26126 good king sombra547 hair bow14487 heart45500 ironshy75 king thorax2760 lesbian93084 lunalisarmordence1 luslus41 lyrabon3204 magnambula40 male351290 mane seven6253 mane six30858 marblemac477 maudbriar244 ocelbar110 ot3440 ot412 pinkiebangs1 pipseed7 polyamory6506 prince pharynx687 raricord29 rockbrook19 scootacutter1 scratchtavia2893 shiningcadance2540 shipping191624 simple background371006 smolcellus95 smollus70 snailstwist88 starburst1133 startrix2753 startrixburst67 stock vector1041 straight130024 student six1544 sunsetlane1 sweetiemash580 too many tags17 twignus1 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119946 wall of tags2809 white background92003 winged spike8028


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The magic's gone :-(
I added some tags for you, OP. You tagged only the first two rows of characters.

I didn't tag any ship names. Not going to start inventing them.