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All Bases by SelenaEde

Meet the new EQG universe 
I wanted to remake it by using characters in the show(EQG not pony world)

little note these babies have last names
Harmony Potter  the daughter of Clayton Potter and Twilight Sparkle (Unicorn

Cake pop Lights the daughter of Neon Lights and Pinkie Pie(Earth

Jet Thunderbolt the son of Said Thunderbolt and Rainbow Dash(Earth

Jonathan Apple the son of Pokey Pierce/Royal Pin and Applejack(Unicorn

Hope Shy the daughter of Sandalwood and Fluttershy(Pegasus

Sterling Silver Wreath the son of Indigo Wreath and Rarity(Pegasus

Sunrise Sentry the daughter of Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer(Pegasus
Nextgens/cutiemarks SuperRosey16 
The parents @ Hasbro Studios/MLP Comics
safe (1457093)artist:superrosey16 (170)applejack (150345)carlos thunderbolt (74)clayton potter (28)flash sentry (11143)fluttershy (187126)indigo wreath (464)larry cooper (28)neon lights (749)pinkie pie (192072)pokey pierce (1232)rainbow dash (206947)rarity (160240)rising star (739)sandalwood (942)sci-twi (19382)sunset shimmer (51814)twilight sparkle (265208)a fine line (265)best trends forever (348)equestria girls (163534)equestria girls (movie) (6046)equestria girls series (24963)friendship games (11551)overpowered (equestria girls) (280)pinkie spy (short) (114)text support (170)clothes (365492)crystal prep academy uniform (2867)female (784347)flashimmer (1525)geode of empathy (2148)geode of fauna (1173)geode of shielding (1482)geode of sugar bombs (1313)geode of super speed (1593)geode of super strength (1473)geode of telekinesis (2153)glasses (48181)magical geodes (5749)male (266693)next generation (5480)obtrusive watermark (2399)offspring (29435)parent:applejack (2830)parent:clayton potter (1)parent:flash sentry (2247)parent:fluttershy (3455)parent:indigo wreath (2)parent:neon lights (75)parent:pinkie pie (3174)parent:pokey pierce (419)parent:rainbow dash (4422)parent:rarity (3098)parent:sandalwood (6)parent:sci-twi (194)parents:claytwi (1)parents:dashbolt (1)parents:flashimmer (181)parents:neonpie (2)parents:pokeyjack (1)parents:rariwreath (1)parents:sandalshy (5)parent:sunset shimmer (1195)sandalshy (109)school uniform (6066)shipping (168212)straight (111708)watermark (12961)


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