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lil poner does a dance
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safe1689666 artist:shinodage1115 oc674116 oc only442736 oc:apogee847 pegasus285310 pony951350 animated97710 chest fluff38181 chest freckles853 club can't handle me91 cute197354 daaaaaaaaaaaw3759 dancing8243 dancing apogee15 diageetes85 ear freckles341 eyes closed91543 female1347605 floppy ears51444 frame by frame4007 freckles28288 gif30491 happy30767 headbob421 hnnng2414 mare472778 ocbetes5040 shinodage is trying to murder us19 simple background387678 sitting62290 smiling243542 solo1052662 sweet dreams fuel1574 weapons-grade cute3658 white background96181


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Donne-moi mes memes !
🎵 (Sung to the tune of 'The Girl Can't Help It by Little Richard)

When she trots by, the pone-folk get engrossed!

She squees and cries, it's a cuteness overdose!

Her charm'll leave you completely comatose!

The mare can't help it: she don't mean to tease!

And she's got rosy cheeks to squeeze!

Oh won't you kindly be aware the mare can't help it!
As she hypnotises everyone in sight,

with her buttery wings primed and ready for flight

Her infectious personality delights!

The mare can't help it, she don't mean to tease!

And her complexion brings me down on wobbly knees.

Oh won't you kindly be aware that I can't help it!

Because I'm hoping obviously, that some day the reason'll be, the mare can't help it because she's snugglin' with me!🎵🎵