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Butt compilation for season 3. I tried to limit the amount of flank shots in order to place more focus on the actual butt.
Season 1: >>1893205, >>1893206, and >>1893208  
Season 2: >>1899502 and >>1899503  
Season 3: >>1906370 and >>1906372  
Season 4: >>1912838, >>1912839, and >>1912840  
Season 5: >>1919282, >>1919283, and >>1919284  
Season 6: >>1924051, >>1924052, and >>1924054  
Season 7: >>1928215, >>1928217, and >>1928218  
Season 8: >>1934253, >>1934254, >>1934255, and >>1934256  
Movie: >>1934483

safe2114177 screencap286249 applejack195913 fluttershy251677 pinkie pie249675 rainbow dash272487 rarity212633 spike90503 twilight sparkle349372 dragon80888 earth pony421271 pegasus469535 pony1474902 unicorn510810 g41211694 games ponies play1219 just for sidekicks1035 keep calm and flutter on1212 magical mystery cure2846 season 32208 spike at your service1179 animated121786 applebutt6340 asshat98 back scratching75 balloonbutt6136 big crown thingy3083 butt218385 butt compilation30 butt focus821 butt pushing70 butt scratch53 butt shot154 butt touch7473 close-up8485 compilation669 cutie mark51505 elements of harmony2827 faceful of ass2333 female1735887 flutterbutt7782 gif46427 hand on butt4070 hoof on butt1034 i watch it for the plot114 jewelry106364 looking at butt1349 looking back82242 male527989 mare700687 massage1384 plot135601 pushing1069 rainbutt dash6126 regalia34553 rump push230 sitting on head236 supercut69 twibutt8510 unicorn twilight31180 wide eyes19563 zoom out89


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