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A pair of old-ish renders I forgot to put up. These two are the last ones that will have this particular pose, I swear. Difference between this and the old one is the gloves.
safe (1425211)alternate version (23716)artist:evan555alpha (180)derpibooru exclusive (20235)queen chrysalis (29166)anthro (200107)3d (51217)armor (18715)blank expression (38)blender (3543)bodysuit (1435)boots (15994)clothes (354505)cuirass (12)cycles (419)cycles render (148)dandelion (108)fauld (5)girdle (46)gloves (14221)grass (6855)helmet (8046)mandibles (79)pauldron (70)peytral (1617)ponytail (13118)rear view (7836)shoes (23974)simple background (289840)tail (14685)tights (467)t pose (139)transparent background (151389)

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Nice armor detail, especially on the back. Not trying to be perv’y, but the bikini-like coloring is a nice touch on the armor.
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