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safe1617981 screencap211111 applejack162825 dj pon-328447 fluttershy203255 pinkie pie207751 rainbow dash224284 rarity173978 twilight sparkle288645 vinyl scratch28448 alicorn206583 equestria girls187970 rainbow rocks17748 absurd file size681 absurd gif size207 animated94277 bass guitar532 drums958 gif28894 guitar4577 high heels10078 humane five2991 humane seven2235 humane six2854 keytar337 microphone4659 musical instrument8617 platform shoes204 ponied up4928 rainbow power2731 shoes32346 tambourine446 transformation9908 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118517 wedge heel21 welcome to the show184


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Background Pony #BD39
A Musical Destiny is Showing to the Rainbooms , to defeat a different band, showing their “Rainbow Power” transformation!