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safe (1425760)screencap (173845)applejack (147450)fluttershy (183714)pinkie pie (188627)rainbow dash (203427)rarity (157227)sunset shimmer (50522)twilight sparkle (259713)alicorn (162691)equestria girls (159220)rainbow rocks (16820)absurd file size (491)absurd gif size (180)animated (84545)bass guitar (459)drums (779)gif (23892)guitar (3877)high heels (8091)humane five (2147)humane seven (1684)humane six (2060)keytar (279)microphone (3886)musical instrument (5817)platform shoes (176)ponied up (4303)rainbow power (2481)shoes (23982)sunshine shimmer (145)transformation (8062)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101600)wedge heel (20)

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