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Let’s get this started! Rainbow’s game is going on hiatus as we transition.
How this game works: Retweet a command for Celestia to perform. I will randomly select retweets and she will do as you wish!
Check further tweet replies for rules clarifications
suggestive170133 artist:jonfawkes1626 princess celestia104141 human198034 series:nightmare war378 absolute cleavage4583 adorasexy11224 armor27156 beautiful6727 big breasts104044 bracelet12468 breasts335921 busty princess celestia12038 choker16959 cleavage40276 clothes549488 collar40612 crown24157 cute231854 dialogue78602 female1579002 huge breasts48210 humanized108974 jewelry88518 looking at you212261 moe1314 multicolored hair8640 necklace25244 praise the sun2238 purple eyes3891 regalia28807 sexy36717 skirt47211 skirt lift5124 stockings41120 stupid sexy celestia1859 thigh highs47486 toga295 unconvincing armor1280 undressing5899 winged humanization9456 wings168990


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