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Let’s get this started! Rainbow’s game is going on hiatus as we transition.
How this game works: Retweet a command for Celestia to perform. I will randomly select retweets and she will do as you wish!
Check further tweet replies for rules clarifications

suggestive185537 artist:jonfawkes1630 princess celestia110439 human234503 series:nightmare war378 g41933938 absolute cleavage5269 adorasexy12270 armor30184 beautiful8046 big breasts120103 bracelet14837 breasts376482 busty princess celestia13364 choker20167 cleavage44903 clothes612181 collar46086 crown28731 cute257442 dialogue89007 female1742195 huge breasts55807 humanized116527 jewelry107209 looking at you246555 moe1329 multicolored hair10848 necklace30721 praise the sun2359 purple eyes5415 regalia34842 sexy43895 skirt53242 skirt lift5351 stockings46301 stupid sexy celestia2159 thigh highs56014 toga326 unconvincing armor1395 undressing6314 winged humanization9962 wings208692


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