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“Well, it looks like the gang’s all here~! I hope you have fun for your playdate, I know Fluttershy certainly is~! Have fun you six, I’ll be back later to check in~!”


And with Pinkie Pie, that’s a wrap for this series~! I’m really happy with myself that I managed to get this finished before the holidays, and just finishing a project of this sheer scale in the amount of time I did. I’ll be moving forward with other works in the near future, so keep an eye out for those~!
Art by 34Qucker
suggestive170109 artist:34qucker14 part of a set17933 applejack186325 fluttershy235740 pinkie pie236634 rainbow dash257139 rarity201172 twilight sparkle330015 human197988 abdl973 arm behind back7441 blushing234652 bondage40291 bonnet481 booties299 breasts335849 busty fluttershy20590 clothes549388 crossed arms6697 diaper15207 diaper bondage255 diaper fetish9777 diaper slave186 embarrassed13380 female1578785 females only14896 fetish48325 floating heart4505 frilly diaper64 frontbend1125 gag17274 gift wrapped881 heart59715 help us596 humanized108970 humiliation2476 knee tied686 legs over head103 looking at you212220 looking up20233 mane six35017 mittens534 mummification436 mummified159 non-baby in diaper10705 nose wrinkle3471 one eye closed39100 onesie967 orgasm15095 pacifier2984 pacifier gag227 part of a series3273 playpen89 poofy diaper5038 restrained1735 shirt31677 sitting on head218 straitjacket932 straps904 sweat32865 sweatdrops1506 t-shirt5620 tape gag1242


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