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Hugging Intensifies

Just some simple fan art of the Moon Sisters.
Music that inspired the pic. Friends by Aura Dione www.listenonrepeat.com/watch/?…
safe (1427089)artist:foxi-5 (59)princess luna (87916)human (130588)pony (694793)bust (31209)cheek squish (534)crossover (52948)cute (148126)four-limbed hug (18)glomp (374)grin (27975)hug (22582)lunabetes (2547)one eye closed (20322)portrait (24704)sailor moon (1190)serena tsukino (38)smiling (182807)squee (1799)squishy cheeks (1776)tsukino usagi (114)weapons-grade cute (2701)winghug (2338)wink (18636)


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