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safe1585553 artist:silfoe1551 princess celestia90370 rarity170649 alicorn197472 pony853131 unicorn270145 balcony1291 blushing177456 canterlot5101 duo49978 eyes closed81012 female907467 intertwined tails294 kissing22628 lesbian92431 mare419524 rarilestia156 shipping185180


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Background Pony #E227
Obviously Celestia made a homo spell after the mane six were born to avoid overpopulation brah. She had nothing to lose in the worst case Nightmare Moon would have to deal with it.

I'll bet Sweetie Belle is telescoping these two mares from another part of the castle grounds. That would make a humorous sequel to this art piece.

But, it's silfoes fan-story, so I should not dictate. I look forward to the rest of Silfoe's work for this story and the Moonset arc they have, as well as the nomad AU. But Don't rush yourself Silfoe. Take your time.