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Why do I come back? Because Iโ€™m a sorry excuse for existence with no friends who finds happiness through ponies, memes, and artwork. Iโ€™d prefer to not use this site because of all the disgusting things I see on it, but alas, this is the central hub for pony media.

People will read this and think Iโ€™m lying, or whatever, but when I first came here it was to make people laugh. Yes, the "shitposting shitposter." I thought it was just a clever title. I've not actually had much experience on the internet.

Anyway, for a while that was fun, until conflicts kept occurring. Eventually my uploaded started receiving more negative feedback than positive. So I stopped caring what people thought and continued to upload, (and Iโ€™m sure someone will call me a liar) not because of attention, but seriously, literally only for ownership claims.

And yes, everyone will groan when they hear this Iโ€™m sure, but I do plan to continue uploading, for ownership purposes. I'm not, however, commenting anymore on anything unless absolutely necessary.
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"Iโ€™ve not actually had much experience on the internet"
dank memes are a real indication that you browse the internet too much. at least thats what i believe
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>Iโ€™d prefer to not use this site because of all the disgusting things I see on it

Literally one of the few websites on the entire web with a functioning tag filter system.
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"Iโ€™ve not actually had much experience on the internet."

Woah. Just the other day someone was talking about old YTMNDs, so having some emoji user say they're newish is like feeling old, being told you're old again, and then feeling double old.

Like… even the kids on my damn lawn have grown up, gone into property development and built houses on it.