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Citing the fact that they were the first two foals born of Twilight's egg-splicing spell, Treehugger and Songbird decided early on the introduce Chandelier Swing to Samosa Stripes. Plaid and Saffron are all for the team-up (despite the fact that the latter remains a fretfully overprotective parent), and encourage play dates between the little fillies. Turns out the kids go together like curry and rice, and the pair grow up considering each other sisters of the spell.

Sam's passion in life is rock and roll, and she boasts a powerhouse voice that you wouldn't expect to emanate from such a tiny little body. Silent Chandi is happy enough to join her pal in a jam session featuring Saffimama's good pots and pans, though perhaps it's fortunate that Chandi is more interested in dancing than drumming!

Chandi is loosely inspired by Maddie Ziegler, but you already figured that out because you're such a clever tadpole. I never doubted you!

mlp:fim = Hasbro/Faust

It may seem too easy, but is there a song more worthy of belting into a soup ladle?
safe1573120 artist:kaemantis764 plaid stripes258 saffron masala1571 songbird serenade1096 tree hugger2652 oc603692 oc:chandelier swing8 oc:samosa stripes6 anthro229698 earth pony198201 pegasus238898 pony844031 unguligrade anthro42880 unicorn265378 my little pony: the movie17717 anthro with ponies2245 baby8995 baby pony6130 behaving like a cat1904 female897236 filly59415 fluffy12838 foal14867 gradient background10815 lesbian92106 magical lesbian spawn10689 mare414569 mouth hold15450 offspring34304 older22962 open mouth122788 parent:plaid stripes5 parent:saffron masala91 parent:songbird serenade79 parent:tree hugger294 parents:saffronstripes5 parents:songhugger9 saffronstripes16 scruff119 songhugger7


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Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
Now that's flexiblity. I can't imagine doing the splits while standing (or, let's face it, at all for most of us.) It amazes me when ballerinas, figure skaters, or gymnasts do moves like that.