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Just a thing I thought of
suggestive130668 artist:cottoncloudy179 starlight glimmer45028 trixie63336 pony867376 unicorn278062 blushing179498 chest551 cis62 cis girl44 duo51506 embarrassed10399 fat20345 female1271019 looking at you149384 mare431585 obese10525 overweight352 stage2798 starlard glimmer171 stuck2352 trans42 trans girl601


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Artist -

A Stallion with No Plan
@Beau Skunky
I can imagine more so Trixie being the overweight one. I think if any pony was as large in the show as in a picture like this I am sure funny scenarios like the image will happen. :D
James A Williams
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Starlight: (panting) Hey Trix. So sorry I’m late.

Trixie had never seen Starlight in this size before. She was both surprised and annoyed.

Trixie: Well, lemme guess the reason why. You were spending your time running here but ran out of breath, you were too busy stuffing yourself that you forgot the time or you were trying to find a hippo to disguise as you.

Starlight: Ha ha. Very funny. But seriously, I may have gained a bit of weight-

Trixie: Pft. A bit?

Starlight: …but I’m not fat as you think I am. And I’ll prove it. Let’s practice tonight’s trick for example.

Starlight tries to squeeze her body inside the chest, but she can’t fit in any further. The chest was too small for her squishy, doughy flab.

Starlight: Ta-da?

Trixie: Seriously Glimmy, you have to lay off the ice cream. All of it has to go somewhere you know.

Starlight: Are you going to pull me out of here or are you going to keep teasing me?

Trixie: Me? Pft. For somepony of your size, it would take 3 ponies to-

Starlight: Trixie!

Trixie: Alright. Alright.

Trixie begins to pull Starlight out of the chest, but, as predicted, her levitation magic isn’t strong enough.

Starlight: Uhh, is it too late to postpone the show?