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“Good girl! Show that drumstick who’s boss!”  
“Boss, I love dogs as much as the next mare, but don’t you think the owner will notice that their puppy is missing?”  
“Oh, I’ll put her back before the owner knows she was gone. Besides, this little rascal found ME.”  
“Boss, she crawled through an interdimensional rift before you could close it.”  
“That’s beside the point! Besides, look at her! She’s so tiny and scruffy and loud, and she doesn’t let anypony boss her around! It’s adorable!”  
“Like looking into a mirror, isn’t it?”  
“Oh hush, you know you love me.”  
“… Yes. Yes I do.”

A gift for lopoddity, featuring her characters Pandora (left), Cupcake (right), and her puppy, Daisy (center).Thank you for being awesome, Miss Oddity!
And yes, Pandora sent Daisy home, safe and sound before she was missed.
safe1945385 artist:jamestkelley143 oc822798 oc:cupcake55 oc:pandora167 dog11842 draconequus16486 earth pony350404 hybrid25492 pony1295140 pandoraverse158 cheek squish1169 cute231826 draconequus oc1944 drumstick36 earth pony oc17738 food85836 interspecies offspring9096 magic85127 meat2321 next generation6264 offspring46041 parent:cheese sandwich2104 parent:discord3997 parent:pinkie pie4854 parent:twilight sparkle9632 parents:cheesepie1767 parents:discolight365 puppy679 simple background490189 sparkles6282 squishy cheeks2849 telekinesis33489 traditional art130026


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