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suggestive128384 artist:ringteam274 gilda9112 rainbow dash219797 human142429 bandeau912 belly button67766 blushing176321 breasts240571 busty gilda872 cellphone2846 cleavage30810 clothes410302 ear piercing21734 earring18040 female902106 females only11061 fingerless gloves3950 gildash337 gloves17274 humanized94226 jacket10870 jewelry51209 lesbian92339 midriff18250 my eyes are up here42 pants12309 phone5152 piercing35026 pointing3710 shipping184419 simple background346745 smartphone1529 speech bubble20616 torn clothes4321 tube top514


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As rainbow dash is likely to be blushing after getting caught using flutter-shy's smartphone and is to be staring at Gilda's cleavage and her nipples poking through a bandeau style top.
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Background Pony #1C36
That'd be a fun set-up. RD is gay, but Gilda's straight. Don't think I've ever seen that.
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