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Fun with dialogue from the show. This comes from the Equestria Girls Season 2 Trailer, seen here:
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suggestive170657 artist:strebiskunk312 fluttershy236077 sunset shimmer71653 equestria girls231170 2 handfuls of dat ass2938 afterglow1832 aftersex10892 ahegao29420 ass worship542 blushing235284 breasts336744 bunset shimmer2287 butt touch6086 dialogue78834 face down ass up10153 female1582203 females only14923 hand on butt3584 implied cunnilingus664 implied oral1993 implied sex7103 lesbian107726 nudity445737 open mouth193743 shipping227439 signature34295 softcore3323 speech bubble31121 sunshyne206 tongue out126586


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Background Pony #9C83
Now a Equestria untamed Equestria untamed Comic of this picture of fluttershy and sunset shimmer loving each other and having sex her each other.