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safe1636380 screencap213397 doodle bug78 gallop j. fry240 garden grove168 guy grove57 lily longsocks384 little red160 sandalwood1040 sci-twi22924 super funk203 trixie64877 twilight sparkle291321 equestria girls190639 equestria girls series30853 street magic with trixie225 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12996 animated95168 barrette387 beautiful5234 bouquet904 camera flashes83 cellphone3132 child1906 clothes434351 cute189173 cylinder18 deck of cards29 diatrixes3003 dressing304 epaulettes83 female1302409 geode of telekinesis2612 gif29306 hairclip1007 hairpin1492 hat81544 high heels10279 jacket11628 juice1241 juice box907 legs7726 levitation11383 lidded eyes28803 looking at you156295 magic69589 magic trick599 magic wand531 magical geodes7943 male350128 phone5598 playing card525 ponytail16700 shoes33391 skirt37626 smartphone1718 smiling229518 socks61742 standing11196 stockings30528 telekinesis26170 thigh highs32204 top hat3992 zettai ryouiki1791


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Everything is Everything
Trixie: "Thank you! Thank you! You've been a wonderful audience! Trixie loves you all! (Hope those kids with the cellphones are getting my good side.)"
Sci-Twi: "You're welcome."

Only the faithful.
I like to think this is Twilights way of thanking her for helping out Sunset With the memory erasure thing.