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Happy New Year! (4/2)

Coloured variant of Hatless version >>1923545 (Pants version on twitter)


Also, a sneak peak of an AU that was previously depicted before, that will be explored a bit more in future.

Alternate versions: >>1923546 & >>1923566
suggestive128106 artist:ninjaham557 applejack158913 fluttershy197866 pinkie pie203332 rainbow dash219472 rarity169785 shining armor21779 human142180 series:my little shining18 abs9230 alternate universe9278 armpits41468 breasts239912 cleavage30774 clothed female nude male1570 clothes409362 cockblock73 dress39565 female899940 flutterarmor29 harem808 humanized94119 infidelity5341 infidelity armor863 lucky bastard1356 male305779 miniskirt4759 rariarmor48 shining armor gets all the mares271 shiningdash64 shiningjack58 shiningpie38 shipping184126 skirt35668 straight121750


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