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“And I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.”

This is a cover/self-fanart of my Fire Pit one-shot, which I've just published, like, just now! Read here!

I don't have much else to say other than I'm super proud of this piece, which is probably one of the best ones I've ever made, and that I'm super happy of finally sharing Fire's story with all of you. It's very dear to me

I might make this description longer if anything else occurs to me, but editing all that long text for the DA submition was really tiring and stressful and can't think of anything else right now. So, love ya all, have an awesome weekend
safe1613529 artist:ro99471 flash sentry12143 sci-twi22440 twilight sparkle287989 oc625567 oc:fire pit10 demon2657 human146321 equestria girls187180 armor22301 clothes424972 crystal prep academy uniform3268 female1284028 fire10480 flashlight2598 glasses56651 male343028 outfit1236 school uniform6850 sciflash234 shipping188017 straight127534 wings87208


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What are you talking about? He's wearing a dress! He's even got a wig and face mask on!
Also, someone should probably do something about the whole "Sunset turning into a demon" thing.