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safe1574225 artist:徐詩珮8290 fizzlepop berrytwist8610 glitter drops5916 princess luna93936 stygian688 tempest shadow15358 oc604219 oc:princess shadow mark1 alicorn195031 unicorn265749 my little pony: the movie17775 alicorn oc21976 broken horn12746 female898183 gliempunagian1 glittergian16 glitterluna7 glittershadow5230 horn43090 lesbian92159 male305136 multiple parents226 offspring34332 parent:glitter drops1179 parent:princess luna1947 parent:stygian85 parent:tempest shadow1952 parents:gliempunagian1 shipping183829 straight121595 styuna7 tempestluna45 tempgian47


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Background Pony #8AA2
Do a next gen of Applejack, Autumn Blaze, Glitter Drops, Spring Rain, Tempest Shadow, and Twilight! Or… a next gen of Glitter Drops, Tempest Shadow, Stygian, Princess Luna, Betty Pop, and Ehenk Berrytwist!
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