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suggestive170666 artist:dimwitdog1715 princess celestia104280 alicorn270405 anthro310755 unguligrade anthro57503 areola outline288 bed49328 bedroom13354 big breasts104580 boob window1659 breasts336794 busty princess celestia12073 chest fluff52153 cleavage40371 cleavage fluff914 clothes551124 curvy8255 dialogue78879 erect nipples14211 eyelashes21135 female1582562 fingerless gloves5722 gloves24793 hair over one eye11003 hand on chest537 high res84403 huge breasts48456 indoors4973 latex15361 leotard5760 lidded eyes38246 long gloves7617 long hair5579 looking at you213064 mare605891 nipple outline9507 sexy36901 sitting77270 skintight clothes1014 socks80389 solo1248771 solo female204765 spread wings73435 stockings41224 stupid sexy celestia1862 talking to viewer4147 thick5374 thigh highs47662 thighs21540 thunder thighs12124 wide hips23850 wings169840


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Hey, I gotta ask. If you use photoshop to make pieces like this, what brush do you use to shade? And do you use other tools as well (not including erasers)?