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Big Mac and Sugar Belle vector:…
Marble Pie:…
Mlp belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
safe1615168 artist:blackgryph0n299 artist:chrzanek97233 artist:gamemasterluna67 artist:reginault170 artist:swiftgaiathebrony87 big macintosh27085 cheerilee9528 fluttershy202946 marble pie6168 sugar belle2885 pony882862 female1285768 implied cheerimac58 implied fluttermac69 implied marblemac39 implied shipping4556 implied straight5186 jealous1178 male343668 sad23155 ship sinking53 shipping188272 shipping denied858 straight127785 sugarmac708


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With cannon VS cannon shipping sinks shipping had both cheerilee and flutter-shy feeling sad over sugar belle stealing big mac from the pair when even marble pie knows she has an indirect tie to cheer-mac shipping.
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Gone to Ponybooru
@Background Pony #CEFF
K-Killing three ponies seems harsh, surely t-they can just find another coltfriend~

I don't even know what Fluttershy and Cheerilee are doing there, since neither of them ever demonstrated any genuine romantic interest in Mac.