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I thought it was about time to update this:
Stained glass template based on the Stations of Awakening from Kingdom Hearts.  
Characters and other elements copyright Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
safe1898389 artist:akili-amethyst160 apple bloom54863 applejack183525 big macintosh30566 blaze365 braeburn6628 fire streak286 fluttershy231399 granny smith5678 gummy5342 lightning streak184 misty fly604 opalescence2221 owlowiscious2088 pinkie pie232942 princess cadance35716 princess celestia102280 princess luna106467 rainbow dash253137 rarity197816 scootaloo54276 shining armor25206 soarin'14829 spike85149 spitfire14341 surprise3214 sweetie belle52103 tank2925 twilight sparkle324498 winona2645 crossover67215 disney3882 dive to the heart160 eyes closed113017 golden oaks library5722 kingdom hearts1126 mane seven7157 mane six34453 stained glass1358 station of awakening15 stock vector1295 wallpaper19625 wonderbolts3921


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