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suggestive132826 artist:king-kakapo1126 pinkie pie207650 twilight sparkle288507 human146612 adorasexy8903 assisted exposure1725 blushing182835 clothes426685 cute186541 diapinkes9159 dress41194 female1287380 followup36 golden oaks library4673 high heels10072 humanized96504 jacket11387 jewelry55415 magic68516 magic abuse547 mary janes1095 nail polish7178 one eye closed27150 panties47466 pantyhose3294 petticoat38 pink underwear4096 polka dot underwear466 ribbon6633 running5473 sexy26672 shoes32319 skirt37086 skirt lift4571 skirt suit144 socks59786 suit5342 thigh highs30603 thighs10014 twiabetes10874 underwear57205 vest3648


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As pinkie pie was to have a peek at twilight's panties under her pantyhose when the times pinkie pie enjoyed getting pantsed or even skirted when it could be no laughing matter when those also pull down pinkie pie's panties when she was to be showing her sweet pussy to a crowd.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Add to it Twilight sees what underwear Pinkie is wearing.
Pinkie: "Oopies well guess you'll have to take them back then." Playful butt wiggle.
Twilight: "…no um you keep them…"
Pinkie: "Want me the wash them and bring them back?"
Twilight: "no just burn them."