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i started this with pencil last week (i think).  
as Valentines Day is tomorrow (not that i give a shit for it), i’ve been deciding what to draw for that day & whether to upload this for tomorrow or now so here you go.
there really ain’t enough (or any) of Chrysalis with Revesalis & it’d be really nice if there were at least a few more like this or something.
suggestive164993 artist:killerteddybear94259 queen chrysalis38026 changeling55488 anthro299699 adorasexy11018 belly button91159 big breasts99491 bra18325 breasts323795 busty queen chrysalis4319 clothes532912 covering4436 covering breasts631 cute225386 cutealis2270 descriptive noise1509 duo96993 duo female16739 female1535556 frilly underwear4637 glasses73488 hand on hip9845 horn104976 looking at each other25654 mirror universe1115 onomatopoeia5847 open mouth183296 panties55485 pointing4684 reversalis267 ribbon7948 sexy35364 smiling308865 traditional art127491 underwear67945 white underwear3666


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