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safe1600077 artist:tjpones3323 oc616430 oc only412508 oc:tjpones119 earth pony210675 pony868937 climate change3 dialogue60169 ear fluff24662 freezing186 frozen302 glasses55844 grayscale35448 grin33965 hypothermia10 ice1121 lineart19109 male338403 monochrome143737 ok46 polar vortex4 simple background354350 smiling221029 snow12513 solo992002 stallion95888 this is fine140 white background88670 wide eyes16211


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33 comments posted
Background Pony #1DAA
Good sir, are you disputing the evidence recorded in so many 20th Century docmentaries, that the penguin is the preferred prey of the polar bear?
Background Pony #1DAA
@Mellow Rhythm
Yeah, I hear they have drop bears in Canadia too. Only they're polar bears.

That's why Canadians wear blue denim everywhere. Drop bears have poor eyesight and they don't want to be mistaken for penguins.
Background Pony #28DE
Ruh roh.

Its -12c and snowing. I use a plug-in heater and the power just went out.

Looks like this is the end for ol' TJ

Following day:
Well I survived the night and the power's back on

HUGE snowfall for Vancouver last night. 6 inches deep! I cant even get my car out of the drift that formed around it
Background Pony #49E7
Eh, I live in a state where that's not just a yearly thing, it also typically lasts for several months too. You can get used to it, after a while.