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suggestive (120080) artist:kaikururu (268) princess cadance (29284) princess flurry heart (5864) alicorn (179129) pony (778527) cadance is not amused (74) condom (2567) dialogue (54833) female (825448) glowing horn (14843) looking at you (131319) magic (61422) mare (374691) offscreen character (26715) simple background (316064) speech (2947) telekinesis (22629) unamused (12303)


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Background Pony #4721
Shining Armor: "I picked those up at the drug store today, Cadance. Use them."
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A Clever Message
Your baby has already poked holes in them while you weren't looking, to better spread their vile brethren.
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Background Pony #5D27
>Use condoms or you'll end up with a heart-meltingly adorable Flurry Heart
Not a very convincing argument for condoms.
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