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This arc will take about 2-3 more updates, I think. And then… I’m going to change things up. The Sketchbook is feeling a bit stale to me but I don’t want to close it down entirely. I think I have an idea most folks will enjoy and I think I’ll enjoy more too.
safe1573681 artist:silfoe1547 princess celestia89937 rarity169543 sweetie belle46621 alicorn194924 pony844411 unicorn265550 royal sketchbook618 comic101284 cutie mark40585 dialogue60510 ethereal mane6641 female897750 filly59450 foal14881 glowing horn16617 gray background6115 lesbian92135 magic65770 mare414789 open mouth122856 panic830 rarilestia172 running5284 screaming2947 shipping183769 simple background345016 smiling214573 speech bubble20519 telekinesis24669 underhoof46745


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rubber Ball
Yeah agreed like the love poison if something like that exist in the world then ya mind control is definitely a possibility when someone starts acting indifferent out of nowhere
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Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl
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rubber Ball
And in Sweetie Belle's defense I probably be the same way if someone or one of my siblings was one way then out of the blue another earthing no apparent reason without any signs or even mentioning things that they have changed their taste I'd think something was up to
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Patience. Silfoe will bring forth that information when she is good and ready.

Though I would find it humorous if Pterus had two biological moms, and no dad, before becoming Twi and Luna's little "Troublemaker of the Night".

Could help explain how Twi and Luna discovered a spell to produce their own blood relations in the first place.

But I am sure that will not be the case. Silfoe has her own plan for the series, and whatever she has planned, she hasn't lost my interest.
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I just find it amusing because the Royal Sketchbook hasn't really been all that "sketch-like" in years, but sometimes you get little background bits like that.
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Can we just appreciate that amazingly drawn guard on the left side of the 3rd panel? Truly an awe-inspiring piece of work that will be remembered for generations
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Fire Undimmed
Ending two sentences in a row with "this" does not flow nicely as dialogue.

I'm ready for another story arc too. Not that this one is bad, but as a Rarijack fan I can't get into it.
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"Last straight mare desperately fends off mob trying to inject her with the gay in the year 2030"
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The best way to deal with a child who's afraid due to a misapprehension is to beat it out of them, yes of course.
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