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Updated! Hope ya like.

When the curse took over, Fluttershy was conflicted. On one hoof, she had an excuse to turn down other stallions without feeling bad or feeling obligated to say yes, but then again she could never have children with the pony she loved. Zephyr was surprisingly on the same page. It was good for him in the meantime, since he hadn't wanted children on accident so the curse stopped that from happening. Yet he could see himself as a father and a husband to a sweet mare and his own children. Coincidentally, Fluttershy and Zephyr began hanging out more, and began opening up to each other more. Zephyr felt incredibly vulnerable to Fluttershy, since she was a genuinely honest and kinda mare. He knew she would never make fun of him or lie or tell other ponies. And Fluttershy enjoyed being the one pony he opened up to. Surprisingly, yet slowly, the two began to fall in love with each other. Zephyr felt shocked and maybe slightly horrified, but he couldn't deny she was an attractive mare, and he did genuinely enjoy her company. Fluttershy loved how he would open up to her in private and would be ever-so-slightly possessive when other stallions (especially Discord) came near.

How did they have a child? Well, how else? The one thing Zephyr didn't expect to happen happened. Fluttershy was pregnant, to the surprise of both of them. They weren't exactly sexually active, as Fluttershy is quite demure about such things and Zephyr respected that, while also being a slightly nervous stallion when it came to such things. The decided to keep the baby and named her Rose, in association with their mother's name Posey, but also within the theme of flight. Rose is a sweet filly yet slightly flirty, but oddly soft spoken. She is not as loud or proud as her father, but she definitely knows she's pretty and will use it in order to persuade colts out of their cookies and lunch time. Her talent is creating perfume with her garden.

A few years went by. Fluttershy and Zephyr tied the knot and got married. Twilight Sparkle made a breakthrough and Fluttershy decided she wanted to help. She wanted the children of Equestria to have better. Twilight had realized they had never tried non-pony creatures. Fluttershy discussed it and agreed with Angel, and they decided to try and make Angel into a pony-like Rabbit. In the end it worked, and the Laquine race was born! Angel was now more of a pony than a rabbit, and gained the ability to speak. Fluttershy wasn't exactly sure how to take this, her pet rabbit suddenly looking like a handsome stallion. Angel was still pushy and impatient, but was slightly kinder now due to being able to speak rather than hide behind the fact he was a rabbit and could pretend he wasn't smarter than that. Fluttershy was flattered by Angel's attentions, and the two soon got her pregnant again.

This time, the child was a hybrid, slightly more pony than Laquine. She had wings like her mother yet ears and nose like her father. Cotton Tail is her name, and she somewhat takes after her father. She's a bit pushy and bratty and always wants her way. She's assertive and never backs down. She sometimes takes advantage of her mother's kindness and naivety to her own daughter's misbehaving, and generally causes trouble at school between her classmates. She can be kind however, and does truly care about her friends and family. He special talent is making stuffed animals. She gets along great with Zephyr, and Zephyr treats her like his own.

Angel and Zephyr butt heads a lot, considering they share one mare and both are quite pushy and impatient. They do love Fluttershy alot, so they try to keep their heads.

Rose and Cotton are good friends but bicker very often. They get over their fights quickly, and usually just ignore things that annoy them about each other.
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Background Pony #F985
Liking incest pairings has nothing to do with having been sexually abused. I know this from experience.
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@Background Pony #D98F
Any incest that is consensual between two adults is better than someone raping a child. I know that it is very rare in real life and rather imagine a world where there is only one version, the consensual one.
I can't change real life. So what do you want from me?
Background Pony #F818
I think the artist is trying to tell us something about their childhood with all these incest pairings :P
Background Pony #F818
I think the artist is trying to tell us something about their childhood with all these incest pairings :P