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Happy Valentines Day.

RumBelle pic and SoarinShy pic by LunaticDawn

Credit to AndoAnimalia for his ponysona

We also have me x Rainbow Dash, ShawnaThePlanesFan x Ripslinger,

Rarity x Thunderlane, Skeedaddle x Kettle Corn (by IronM17)
safe1578115 artist:andoanimalia553 artist:jawsandgumballfan24325 artist:lunaticdawn147 edit117929 apple bloom46611 fluttershy198132 kettle corn242 rarity169939 rumble3815 skeedaddle198 soarin'13336 sweetie belle46716 tender taps658 thunderlane3826 twilight sparkle283086 oc606416 oc:jawsandgumballfan2425 alicorn195786 earth pony199967 pegasus240486 pony847767 unicorn267211 alicorn oc22084 canon x oc22087 colt13343 disney's planes1 female901436 filly59665 gacha studio6 kedaddle12 male306266 mare416667 op is a slowpoke121 plane2570 rarilane161 ripslinger1 rumbelle274 shipping184282 soarinshy150 straight121894 tenderbloom217 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115384


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Background Pony #CD9F

That’s my friend ShawnaThePlanesFan, and she is not a child, she’s 20 years old. Plus that’s a Gacha Studio Avatar.

Also, that male alicorn, is me.
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