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safe1552008 edit114098 edited screencap53617 editor:lolledits29 screencap194358 twilight sparkle278936 alicorn190325 pony824143 the cutie map3983 :p6963 :t3686 adorkable3011 animated90857 behaving like a bird585 blep edit14 cropped42638 cute173086 daaaaaaaaaaaw3025 dork3234 feather ruffle7 female875200 gif27360 hnnng2223 looking up13714 mare402922 nervous4905 puffy cheeks3454 raspberry897 ruffling wings7 silly6942 silly pony2828 smiling209051 solo957602 spittle88 tongue out88257 twiabetes9851 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113522 weapons-grade cute3091 wing fluff1392 wing twitch24 wings71435


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