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safe (1461067)artist:ryuu (152)applejack (150616)rainbow dash (207321)equestria girls (164052)equestria girls series (25077)accessory theft (370)animated (86316)applejack's hat (4146)bad idea (87)belt (3780)book (27792)boots (16528)chair (5104)clothes (366846)cowboy hat (11072)denim skirt (1243)freckles (21380)hat (67247)hatless (1739)impending doom (189)jacket (9207)legs (5542)miniskirt (4104)missing accessory (6861)oh no she didn't (26)pants (10233)pure unfiltered evil (1492)reading (5357)shirt (17863)shoes (25163)simple background (299931)skirt (32336)sneaky (66)stetson (4546)tempting fate (137)thighs (5283)this will end in death (1770)this will end in pain (1506)this will end in tears (2730)this will not end well (1120)white background (74860)wristband (2536)yoink (38)


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Gilda, Gallus, and Camp!
Inevitably …

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Background Pony #DB5C
Needs to have her put the hat back on but in the hat is in the colors used in the toys.
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Thread Starter - Ends begins with word game
Wallet After Summer Sale

Pinkie Pie: "Hi my names Pinkie Pie! Are you a new student? I haven’t seen you around here before! You look just like my friend Applejack, do you know her? I will bet if you had a hat just like hers you would pass as twins!

Applejack: raises an eye "say what?"
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Comments34 comments posted