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safe (1456881)artist:jargon scott (1803)princess cadance (28565)queen chrysalis (29947)alicorn (169690)changeling (33930)changeling queen (8587)pony (722440)bed (32053)bust (32832)cadance is not amused (70)drool (20540)duo (40592)female (784168)heart (38745)mare (350116)open mouth (107327)prone (20868)scrunchy face (6404)sleeping (19645)unamused (11642)


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10 comments posted
Background Pony #1A69
One downside of being so tall is needing more space to sleep on.

Some might say a changeling could just morph into something smaller or let their chitinous exoskeleton be all the cushioning they should need, but such thoughts are rarely spoken aloud for the racially-charged undertones they carry.
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