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source needed18891 safe1973284 artist:shoutingisfun604 fluttershy238378 pegasus407474 pony1325359 blushing238962 bust67222 cute236622 dialogue80355 embarrassed13622 female1605077 hooves to the chest688 i love you301 looking away4703 love5818 mare619298 portrait37309 shyabetes17011 simple background502560 sketch72948 smiling331765 solo1269656 spread wings75585 white background130542 wings175484


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Background Pony #E94A
Maybe she can find a couple who want a foal but can’t have one (either because the mare is sterile or because there is no mare), so she could be a surrogate mother.
Background Pony #E94A
He will, she just needs to have aged a bit more, and maybe having a foal or two could help stack the odds in her favor too.