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safe1973319 artist:stevetwisp297 gallus8447 ocellus6392 sandbar6470 silverstream7318 smolder10313 yona6118 changedling10438 changeling58495 classical hippogriff5994 dragon72304 griffon32894 hippogriff12212 pony1325374 yak5864 butt179465 cuddling9670 cute236630 dragoness12129 featured image1067 female1605099 folded wings12962 gradient background17318 heart61287 implied gallstream68 implied shipping6232 implied straight6015 implied yonabar63 male460540 plot115436 rear view18205 simple background502553 sitting78783 stallion150514 student six1990 teenager5930 wings175477


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Background Pony #EF2F
Look at them, admiring the giant heart in the sky. They probably don’t know how it got there or what it is, but they sure love it. I would stare at the giant floating hear as well.
Non-Fungible Trixie -

Lord of Blămp
I love the body positivity that Yonabar imbues. Yona is a girl of larger proportions, but that doesn’t stop her from being a wonderful character, and it does nothing to lessen Sandbar’s affection for her. This is a super important message for people who are heavy and feel unloved. You are so loved. You matter.